"If you're going to dive into a think tank, make sure it has a deep end." 2009-2011

Studio Deep End was a multifaceted collaboration think tank designed to advance the discussions, creativity, productivity and networking available to aspiring designers in the Milwaukee area in search of innovation. 

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This studio functioned as a creative collective for interested artists, designers and thinkers as an alternative creative community to exchange and explore a variety of conceptual and practical ideas, designs and projects through research, production and a transparent approach to the design process of individual artists. In an attempt to further independent and collective projects our hope was that by unifying under an open canopy we could inspire a more serious design initiative for Milwaukee. The benefit of a diverse collection of personalities, skill sets and creativity involved in this collective provided each member an opportunity to participate and lead discussions and critiques for both personal and collective projects and ideas.

Uses associated to Studio Deep End:

• Interior renovations: lighting / gallery walls / studio space
• Event promotions / event hosting
• Rental space for architecture and design conferences
• Exhibition space for local Midwestern art and design
• Concert hall for bands and orchestras


jeannette ralyea